Case Study

  • Brief

  • Brainstorming

  • Branding

  • Web Design and Development

  • Marketing Strategy


Exocet is the trading brand of Fuel Additive Science Technologies Ltd (FAST) – one of the UK’s premium manufacturers of fuel additives. Historically, the majority of FAST’s sales have come through supplying fuel resellers, with a large percentage of its products being white-labelled.

We were tasked with assisting FAST’s sales team in breaking into new vertical markets, selling more Exocet-branded product directly into “end user” businesses.


Due to the diverse range of applications and the technical nature of FAST’s products, our first point of call was to map out each product in terms of industry, application, benefits, etc. This exercise led to the creation of a visual system which has streamlined the way in which these products are identified and sold. Not only has this made life easier for FAST’s sales team but it has helped to make Exocet stand out against its competitors.

Next, we worked with FAST to create “buying personas” for the relevant decision makers within each target sector. We working to understand: what issues they faced that could be resolved or avoided via Exocet products and when, what their operational and CSR objectives might be, what channels would be the most effective to engage them through, what messages they were likely to respond to, etc.


Before approaching new markets, we needed to refine Exocet’S corporate identity, ensuring that the company’s image and tone reflected its market-leading authority, across all touch points – corporate literature, product packaging, vehicle livery, exhibition stands, press releases, social media, etc.


Based on our research, we built a new website designed to generate sales leads by demonstrating Exocet’s insight into the challenges faced by each specific “buying persona”, via individually dedicated “industry sector” pages.

The site was optimised and analytical goals were established to enable accurate performance monitoring.

Web Design and Development

The ultimate aim of our marketing strategy was to generate sales leads either directly through initiatives such as email campaigns or by driving traffic to specific conversion points on the website.

A calendar of initiatives designed to systematically test the responsiveness of each new market and to establish Exocet’s authority therein was created. This strategy integrated the following channels:

  • Email campaigns tailored to each buying persona
  • Content to be produced and published via the website
  • Ongoing social media engagement in specific groups (LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Content to be produced and published via bloggers and industry-specific publications, identified via research and our database of over 10,000 UK media contacts
  • Exhibiting at key industry shows such as edie live (sustainability live)

Marketing Strategy